Who We Are

Humblebee Academy is founded by two graduates from University of Southern California and Harvard and both of them have ten-year working experience in the field. Our key team members are all from elite American schools, such as Stanford University, University of Chicago, etc. Our headquarter is in Beijing and has offices in Boston and Los Angeles. Two words can mainly define our mission : vision and mission, which are we dedicated to bring to the young generation in China. Our name originates from a story that has been encouraging our founder from her childhood to now:according to the laws of aerodynamics, a humblebee is unable to fly because of his heavy mass. However, full of the dream of flight, he does not acknowledge his own limitation and finally make it.

In Humblebee, we believe that all dreamers should be respected. With expertise and strong network, the whole team are dedicated to help our students find who they are and reach their full potentials. Instead of profit, we care more about what students really need to excel in their high school /college applications and in their future life. Our signature programs include the Fiji boat building camp, a 14-day admission essay writing boot camp with Harvard and USC admission officers and the mentor program that pairs students with specialists in their fields of interests, which we believe is a wonderful chance for students to learn from practice and gain insights in the filed they are really interested in. Currently, our network covers the filed of film/TV production with top producers in China, influential NGOs and social enterprises in China, etc.

Our definition of "Elite"

CHANGE: C for Critical thinking; H for Humanity; A for Ambition; N for Network; G for Global vision; and E for Enthusiasm.

Our culture

As we grow as an organization, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our strategies.

Here are the five core values we live by:

  • Embrace sympathetic joy with belief in humanity.
  • Drive serendipitous collision of atoms to empower youth innovation.
  • Never lose integrity, credibility and honesty.
  • Do the right things; do more with less.
  • Grow with society and learn infinitely.